One of the reasons why Columbus Radiology partnered with Radiology Partners is because of patient-focused efforts like Physicians for Fair [Insurance] Coverage. I am proud to be a part of an organization with such a patient-centered, progressive perspective. That focus coupled with the group's size affords us the strength in numbers to make meaningful improvements for the communities we serve.

"Radiology Partners is a board member for a group called the Physicians for Fair Coverage (PFC). The PFC is composed of only hospital based physician groups including those in Emergency Medicine, Anesthesia and Radiology.  In fact, Radiology Partners is the only Radiology Practice on the board for the PFC. The PFC has been advocating to help prevent patients from from receiving surprise gaps in their coverage when they visit an out of network physician at an in network facility, an important problem to solve. Unfortunately, the payers have been trying to solve this problem in a way that is very favorable to the payors."

~Philip Reger

Chief Technology Officer

Radiology Partners