It's not an earth-shattering notion that teamwork is essential for success. It goes without saying, yet we benefit from reviewing the concept, that any successful venture comes from dedicated, hard-working, cooperative team-members.

Take, for instance, a radiology group. Radiologists who work in a single specialty group work in concert with each other. Each radiologist is a member of the team. The team works best when there are no weak links. When everyone pulls his or her weight equally, everyone benefits.

Just as in the game of tug-o-war, if one team member slacks their grip, the entire team begins to lose the battle. 

Early in life we are introduced to the idea of teamwork, whether it be through organized sports or other less obviously team-oriented pursuits such as music or art.  Each experience builds on itself and as adults we find harmony in working with others rather than against them. Discontent arises when we fight upstream against the crowd, detracting from a team approach that by definition would help us reach our goal easier and quicker than its alternative.

Build your team. Sow seeds of contentment and harmony with your coworkers and you will find that you are happier and more professionally satisfied as a result.