The final days of President Obama's presidency are passing before our eyes and much of the world can understandably speak of nothing else but his successor. 

Fortunately, the current president has one final opportunity to put into place lasting legislation that can have a substantial impact. 

As reported by the AMA: 

Senate Passes 21st Century Cures Act

The Los Angeles Times (12/7, Levey) reports that the Senate on Wednesday “easily” passed the 21st Century Cures Act. The $6.3 billion measure “to increase federal support for medical research, mental healthcare and controlling the opioid epidemic,” cleared the Senate and “is headed to President Obama’s desk for his signature, delivering a rare bipartisan breakthrough in the waning days of his presidency.”

        The Washington Times (12/7, Howell) says the measure “provides nearly $5 billion for the National Institutes of Health to accelerate research into major diseases, including $1.8 billion for Vice President Joseph R. Biden’s ‘moonshot’ project on cancer, and $500 million for the Food and Drug Administration to make its approval process more efficient.” In addition, it provides “$1 billion in state grants to combat opioids addiction – a key priority for President Obama – and provides money for mental health treatment and suicide prevention, while establishing a new assistant secretary for mental health at the Department of Health and Human Services.”

        The Wall Street Journal (12/7, Burton, Subscription Publication) predicts the legislation, which will accelerate FDA approvals in combination with President-elect Trump, who has said he will “cut red tape” at the agency will bring about an era of industry-friendly regulation of drugs and medical devices.