As John Belushi said in "Animal House," "Nothing is over until we say it is." 

from the AMA: 

Trump Indicates He May Preserve Some Parts Of ACA

The Wall Street Journal (11/11, A1, Baker, Langley, Subscription Publication) reported that during an interview, President-elect Donald Trump signaled an openness to keeping at least two provisions of the Affordable Care Act intact while repealing other parts of President Obama’s signature healthcare law.

        The New York Times (11/11, Hulse, Davis, Rappeport, Haberman, Subscription Publication) reported that during the Wall Street Journal interview, “Trump said he told the president that he would consider keeping two provisions of the law: the prohibition against insurers denying coverage because of a patient’s pre-existing condition; and the one that allows parents to keep their children on their insurance plans until they turn 26.” But, according to the Times, if the ACA mandate were eliminated, this “could send insurance companies into a tailspin, because their costs would rise with sicker customers, and that would not be offset by healthy consumers forced to buy insurance.”

        The Washington Post (11/11, Goldstein) reported that just a few days after the election, Trump began “to revise his health-care agenda in ways that conform more closely to the heart of Republican thinking in recent decades.”