I have come to the conclusion that Ronald Ragan's sage advice is no longer timely. While there was once a time when one might be assured of receiving information that was accurate, to the best of the sender's knowledge, nowadays such is not the case. Unfortunately, what has happened is all too diabolical, although, at the individual level, I am certain it is also all too inadvertent.

One could actually blame this development on such outlets as Google or Yahoo. The incredible advantage of being able to research any data point at a moments notice has been overshadowed, in my opinion, by the unfortunate disadvantage of not knowing exactly from where information arises.

How many times have you seen or read something online that then was demonstrated to be false on further review? I see it almost daily, unfortunately. It has gotten to the point where, instead of trusting in what I am reading but verifying, I simply don't trust.  

The destruction of the sharing of accurate information has commenced. If we are not vigilant, it will continue. But if each of us attempts, just a little bit each day, to verify the information that we share, perhaps the Internet can again be a source of useful information for each of us.