According to your knowledge, 

An applicant to college

Can have his fate determined by the color of his skin,

But whether that's a sin

Depends on who gets in.

Is that not discrimination

Where the state could be the actor? 


But that is just a factor,…

And people need protection

Against the vile infection

Of rank discrimination in the form of racial caste,

Which looks like it could last

Unless we end it fast. 



We have rights, and they need preservation,

And we have to remember this if we intend to succeed:

Though we won't be afraid of forgiving,

We must not stop in our mission to write every wrong –

Not until We the People and our Constitution are living

In a nation, in a place

That, regardless of station or race,

Is a nation where all of us truly belong! 

So, until every person is treated as equal

Well beyond what the Founders initially saw, 

Let our past and our present be merely the prequel

To a future enlightened by flexible law! 


Scalia, Ginsburg: 

We are different. 

We are one. 

The U.S. contradiction - 

Scalia:  The tension we adore: 

Scalia, Ginsburg: 

Separate strands unite in friction

To protect our country's core. 

This, the strength of our nation,  

Thus is our Court's design: 

We are kindred. 

We are nine. 

Scalia: To strive for definition, 

Ginsburg: To question and engage, 

Scalia: Let us speak to our tradition - 

Ginsburg: Or address a future age.

Scalia: This, the duty upon us... 

Ginsburg: This, the freedom...

Scalia, Ginsburg:  

...To judge how our strands are spun: 

This makes us different: 

Scalia: We are one... 

Ginsburg: We are one decision from forging the source of tomorrow…

Scalia: One decision from shifting the tide… 

Scalia, Ginsburg: 

Always one decision from charting the course we will steer…

For our future

Is unclear,

But one thing is constant –

The Constitution we revere.

We are stewards of this trust;

We uphold it as we must,

For the work of our Court is just


And this is why we will see justice done:

We are different;

We are one.