For years I have been pointing out to friends and colleagues that certain IVC filters can and should be removed because they migrate ever so slightly and could cause damage to surrounding structures. 

A news article states: "“Heidi is a poster child for this” problem, said Scott O. Trerotola, chief of interventional radiology at Penn, who treated her. “There is relatively little recognition [of it] among anyone except interventional radiologists.”" 

Some filters migrate ever so slightly with the normal pulsations that occur due to the pumping of the heart, breathing, movement, etc. These filters have thin legs that can begin protrude, as a result of the slow migration, and potentially cause problems. While these migrations are not rare, clinically apparent problems are, fortunately, still quite uncommon. Nevertheless, it is prudent to remove such a "foreign body," as we call a device that is otherwise not native to a human being.

If you or a loved one has an IVC filter, please make sure you discuss with your doctor whether it can or should be removed. And if your doctor is unfamiliar with a good interventional radiologist in town...find one and ask him! Or ask me.