DON'T just take a drug because your doctor prescribes it.

Ask WHY?

We doctors are products of the knowledge we gain through training AND years of experience. Nurse practitioners and physician assistants have vastly different training pathways and typically much different experiences compared to licensed, board-certified physicians. This point cannot be under-emphasized (although it is certainly being under-appreciated of late).

Personally, I also subscribe to the tenet "If it ain't broken don't fix it." So many people nowadays are swayed by unfortunate social standards that prompt them to cut and change and alter otherwise intact parts of their bodies simply to achieve a more desirable aesthetic. As an interventional radiologist, I often see the complications of some of those adventures. 

Just something to consider.

As to the excerpt below, get informed so you know what the risks and benefits are.

As reported by the AMA: 

Pfizer faces mounting number of lawsuits over Lipitor side effects.

The Wall Street Journal (8/8) reports on the growing number of lawsuits filed against Pfizer by women who claim the company failed to warn the public about the side effects of type 2 diabetes or memory loss from the use of its cholesterol medication Lipitor (atorvastatin calcium). Over the past five months lawsuits by women in the US who allege Lipitor caused them to develop type-2 diabetes soared to almost 1,000 from 56.