The possibilities are endless. Interventional Radiologists are instrumental in revolutionizing patient care by devising novel techniques and new treatments. We work closely with our non-interventional colleagues. We care for patients and add to the arsenal of treatment options that the primary medical doctor has to consider.

How did it all start? Through the intense genius of one man, subsequently amplified by thousands more.  By thinking about different ways to treat people's ailments, Charles Dotter changed the way medicine is practiced.

Professor Josef Roesch, speaking of the "Father of Interventional Radiology," Charles Dotter:

"The most innovative ideas were presented by Charles Dotter from Portland, Oregon. Originally, we invited him for a 30 minute presentation. He accepted, but wrote that a 30 minute talk would not justify making such a long transatlantic trip. He received one hour.

"Despite talking quickly, his presentation lasted almost 1 1/2 hours. It was the most exciting lecture I had ever heard. Charles discussed new and future techniques, including flow-guided catheterization, catheter biopsy and controlled exit catheterization. At the end, he presented the most bold and exciting technique: catheter endarterectomy. He finished with an historic conclusion which laid a foundation for IR: 'The angiographic catheter can be more than a tool for passive means for diagnostic observation; used with imagination, it can become an important surgical instrument.' Charles received a wildly enthusiastic standing ovation after this prophetic conclusion.

"A few months later, Charles perform the first percutaneous transluminal angioplasty. The events of those two days, June 10, 1963, and January 16, 1964, fundamentally changed the way medicine is practiced forever."

What Dr Dotter anticipated has since come to fruition - the burgeoning field of Interventional Radiology offers doctors and patients alike minimally invasive treatment options for many disease processes.

Take advantage of the field of minimally invasive, image-guided, scalpel-free surgery. Ask your doctor about the interventional radiologists in your area. Be informed. Your health is our focus.