Smoking is bad for you. It causes cancer. And, if you smoke traditional products like cigarettes, you smell like an ash tray and no one except another smoker wants to kiss an ash tray.

But then come e-cigarettes and smoking is now good for you, right? Wrong.

Nicotine is addictive (anyone remember that fact?). And, according to the following excerpt, research proves it once again.

Please don't smoke. It just increases the chances that you will become a patient and need the services of someone like me so that I can biopsy your lung cancer or perhaps stent or balloon a blockage in your arteries.

I'd rather not smoke and decrease my chances of needing to visit a doctor. But that's just me.


Excerpted from the AMA daily email: Study: E-cigarettes appear to be addictive.

The San Francisco Chronicle (12/4, Lee, Allday) reports that, according to a study published last week in the Journal of Adolescent Health, e-cigarettes “may only serve as a new route to nicotine addiction among adolescents.” An analysis in South Korea, where e-cigarettes are sold similarly to how they are sold in the US, showed about 80% of South Korean adolescents using e-cigarettes also smoked tobacco cigarettes and that young e-cigarette smokers were more likely to have tried quitting smoking, indicating a belief that e-cigarettes can help with smoking cessation. Ultimately, researchers found links between e-cigarette use and heavier conventional cigarette use, leading to the conclusion that “the nicotine in e-cigarettes is addictive.”