In addition to the Primary stroke Center designation that has been bestowed upon Physicians Regional-Pine Ridge Boulevard, the following Press release came out today:

"The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) has designated Physicians Regional-Collier Boulevard as a Primary Stroke Center.

According to the U.S. Census, in 2011, the average age citizen in Collier County and Lee County is over 50; over the age of 50, stroke risk doubles every ten years.  According to Scott Lowe, CEO of Physicians Regional-Collier Boulevard, “With Southwest Florida being referred to as the ‘Stroke Belt’, our Collier Boulevard Hospital had a responsibility to commit to investments in both time and resources to ensure that the best possible care can be obtained at our location.

The American Stroke Association reports that, in addition to being one of the leading causes of death and long-term disability in the U.S., a stroke is suffered every 40 seconds and someone dies of a stroke every four minutes. Furthermore, 795,000 people suffer a stroke each year: 77% are new and 23% are recurrent. Women are more vulnerable to stroke than men. Stroke kills twice as many women as breast cancer with 425,000 women suffering strokes annually.

Due to Physicians Regional’s increased focus on stroke and cerebrovascular disease treatment and care, all patients are assured that highly specialized, expert care is readily available."

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